Responding to industry requests, the revenue department has corrected an anomaly-- created by the last budget-- in excise rate structure of pollution control equipment where the components were being

The Indian seafood industry, which was hit hard by a variety of adverse factors including the European han, has overcome its 'worst-ever crisis', registering a 12.41 per cent growth in foreign

India has banned the import of crop seeds containing the controversial Terminator gene, but farm experts and activists say this is not enough to protect the rights of millions of farmers that

The West Bengal government has chalked out a plan for implementation of a number of tourism related projects involving more than Rs 50 cr. These projects are expected to take shape in the next

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has notified a Rs 100 per kg hike in the price of anti-tuberculosis bulk drug

A special presential commission in Sri Lanka has ruled there is no scientific evidence to prove that sub-standard Indian vaccine supplied had led to a whooping cough epidemic in the island nation

The Rs 2,500-crore Ayurveda industry is finally gearing up to survive in the WTO regime, even as the govenrment has yet to get legislations protecting India's biodiversity in place. The first-ever

ILO : World Employment Report 1998-99 published by International Labour Organisation (ILO) has emphasised education and training as the tools for combatting unemployment. It has called on nations

A new farmer -frindly diagnostic kit developed by Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (Tifac) and Bhartiya Agro Industries Foundation (Baif) of New Delhi will help the poultry

Himachal Pradesh is expected to produce over 2 crore boxes (around 3.6 lakh tonne) of apples this year despite a spell of drought this summer and mite disease attack, which affected its size.