The Gujarat government has decided to drop its ambitious small capacity and barge mounted power projects, and approached the central government to reallocate naphtha to four public sector companies

A recent decision by the Tamil Nadu government to permit tariff-based negotiations for selecting developers for energy projects based on municipal solid waste (MSW) has breathed fresh life into two

Work for the Rs 700-crore gas turbine based power plant at Indraprastha Estate is likely to commence on October 2, Delhi chief minister Sahib Singh Varma said on Friday.

In a major breakthrough in disease management, the tea research institute of the Upasi has developed a computerised model to forecast 'blister blight' infection in tea leaves. The model can predict

The government today decided to clear grant of import licence for vitamin-B1 bulk drug on actual user basis. An official release said quantity of imports of this bulk drug will be based on the past

The government on Saturday decided to accord 'infrastructure status' to the power transmission sector. At a high-level meeting chaired by finance minister Yashwant Sinha, it was also decided to

In a bid to enhance the competitive edge of the Indian imdustry, the government has substantially liberalised the technology import policy. In a major decision, the government will now allow

The government has banned the export of manufactured articles and shavings of shed antlers of chital and sambhar with immediate effect to safeguard the deer population in the

Infofish, an inter-governmeental organisaiton created by Food and Agricultural Organisaiton (FAO) and assisted by Danish International Development Assistance (Danida), is hosting an

A Indian Centre of Plastics and environment (ICPE) will be set up in a month's time. This follows recommendations of the National Plastic Waste Management Task Force appointed in