The government on Saturday decided to accord 'infrastructure status' to the power transmission sector. At a high-level meeting chaired by finance minister Yashwant Sinha, it was also decided to

In a bid to enhance the competitive edge of the Indian imdustry, the government has substantially liberalised the technology import policy. In a major decision, the government will now allow

The government has banned the export of manufactured articles and shavings of shed antlers of chital and sambhar with immediate effect to safeguard the deer population in the

Infofish, an inter-governmeental organisaiton created by Food and Agricultural Organisaiton (FAO) and assisted by Danish International Development Assistance (Danida), is hosting an

A Indian Centre of Plastics and environment (ICPE) will be set up in a month's time. This follows recommendations of the National Plastic Waste Management Task Force appointed in

In what could boost pharmaceutical companies' sales across the world, US researchers have shown that commonly-used drug paracetamol helps protect blood from changes that lead to hardening of

The Union government has decided that it will not grant a patent to the US firm, Delta & Pine land Ltd, for its controversial Teminator gene . It is suspected that the company's recent application

In an ironic twist, a stronger dollar is hitting USA's agricultural exports, expected to be down by as much as $2.5 billion in 1998-99. Since agricultural imports are expected to increase by $1.5

The food and life sciences giant, Monsanto plans to start field trials of its trangenic cotton, Bollgard, in India within two years. Monsanto's transgenic cotton, also known as Bt cotton, is a

Enron International, the $600-million multinational company, is planning to introduce energy merchant activities like trading, financial structuring, risk management and hedging for energy