Researchers led by Robert Plomin of London's Institute of Psychiatry found that smart DNA could explain how IQ is

The drug tamoxifen is the first compound ever shown to reduce certain women's chances of developing breast cancer. But in some cases, the benefits of the drug may pale next to its dangers : a

Spraying water from a truck, the firemen battle bravely on the front of Indonesia's latest environmental war against itself. Smoke from a new season of forest fires already burns the throats of many

The problem with the most dangerous volcano on Earth is that, at the moment, it's also one of the sleepiest. These days tourists visiting Italy's Mount Vesuvius can hike up a broad path to the rim of

Beijing's censors won't let the local press say just how much devastation the Yangtze flood has done : a

Needed medicines are hard to find, and state-of-the-art treatment is rare: Cuba's health system, the jewel of Castro's revolution and pride of the Third World, is in grave condition. In many ways, it