Worries about a link between cell-phone radiation and brain cancer still can't be dismissed, says a new study conducted by researchers at Integrated Laboratory Systems in Research Triangle Park,

The U.S. proposed National Missile Defence System is designed to destroy an incoming nuclear warhead by ramming it with a "kill vehicle" in the lower reaches of space. There's no proof the $60

A vast cloud of Australian plague locusts has descended on western New South Wales and South Australia, the sheep, wheat and cattle belt of the southern outback, threatening to devastate more than

As more camera-packing ecotourists go gently into the rain forest, environmentalists are trying to make sure they don't trample all over it. In Costa Rica, income from ecotourism helps protect the

Famine, war and disease combine to threaten millions in Ethiopia : a

Different countries may have slightly different environmental concerns, but one sentiment spans the EU: Europeans want a greener society, but not at the expense of faster growth. Efforts to promote

Not long after the first Earth Day, Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi addressed the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. She startled her audience by declaring that

South African president Thabo Mbeki reaches out to a controversial AIDS researcher, David Rasnick causing an uproar among the international community. Rasnick has very controversial theories about

Diabetes : Scientific research shows a 'persistent explosion' of cases - especially among those in their prime. As the American population becomes increasingly nonwhite and obese, the disease is

The fuel protests of the past two weeks have been largely about taxes. But if it's tough for Europeans to accpet high fuel taxes, it's toughest for Norwegians. Only the Saudis export more oil. Money