As the United States embraces genetically altered food, Europeans remain deeply skeptical. Genetically modified crops may outnumber conventional ones by 2020. By the end of the century, nearly

Just as GDP is used to gauge economic growth, it may now be possible to rank nations according to their success in keeping their air and water clean while maintaining prosperity. A task force of

Prem Kumar doesn't consider himself a thief, but he steals electricity every day-as do each of his 3,500 neighbors in a south Delhi shantytown. Pilfering electricity from the state power company is

Recently the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the number of drug-resistant salmonella in the United States is on the rise. The article did not make the headlines for the

For more than 50 years of legislators, the media and the animal-welfare lobby have bickered over the morality of fox hunting. But this time the Labour government, scenting a popular cause, has chosen

A new drug called STI571 (brand name : Glivec) shows hope of conquering a form of leukemia by targeting the misbehaving cells, according to study conducted by US

Once on the brink of extinction, Brazil's jaguars now have politics on their side : a

Hong Kong's middle class is getting chubby. To trim down, some people are returning to a simpler lifestyle : a

The sudden attention followed the announcement by the U.S. National Institutes of Health that CyThera has more stem-cell colonies-nine-than anyone else in the United States. Fear that it would be

Indonesia's democratic regime tolerates rampant logging and mining that are extinguishing wildlife. "The tragedy of democracy is going to be the environment," says Jatna Supritna, country director of