The hundred of so boats anchored in a fishing port of Penglai in China's Shandong province have seen better days. Their blue paint is chipped, their equipment rusty. A handful of fishermen brave the

In 1984, a janitor at Jacques Couseau's Oceanographic Museum in Monaco absent-mindedly emptied a bucket of water from an abandoned aquarium, which contained a few fronds of Caulerpa, into the sea.

For years, the growing anti-globalization movement has attacked drug companies for doing too little for the poor, while building fat profit margins on concerns of the rich:heart disease, obesity,

Indonesia's coral reefs are in trouble. Coral mining, industrial pollution and toxic agricultural runoff all play a role in their destruction, but the fishermen have been the worst offenders. They

Developers, ranchers and small farmers have for decades been steadily slashing and burning their way deep into the lowlands of Costa Rica, near the coasts. Today only 1200 square kilometers, or 18

Blue crabs in the Chesapeake are disappearing, and with them a way of life that has pitted watermen against scientists : A

A hardy group of Brazilian scientists have taken to the field, chasing mosquitoes and mice. They are the first line of defence against infectious

Sturgeons have survived 200 million years of evolution but may not endure the collapse of the Soviet Union. The collapse of the Soviet Union has made the sturgeons a prime target for poachers. In the

Harvested from embryos, stem cells may cure Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and a host of other diseases. But now the cells are at the heart of a war pitting pro-life purists against

Many of the impoverished citizens of the former Soviet republics are looking to score a windfall by selling an organ to a wealthy recipient, often relying on criminal middlemen to secure the deal.