This February the Indian Supreme Court allowed the government to resume building Gujarat state's controversial Sardar Sarovar dam, pushing the massive structure's top to 88 metres. Some 12,000 local

This year in U.S. dams will come down from Maine to California. About 75,000 big dams block American rivers, testaments to the conviction that any river flowing to sea unimpeded is a waste of water

Last week National Geographic and the journal Nature announced the discovery of one of the largest deposits of dinosaur eggs ever found, including the first fossils of embryo skin ever seen by human

Say goodbye to boring old missions : Astronauts are about to start assembling the International Space Station, the riskiest job they have ever undertaken : a

Japanese chemical weapons from the World War II can still sicken and kill people in northern China. The dumping was part of a campaign to erase evidence of Japan's chemical war against

Remember those nuclear tests in May? By analyzing seismic data recorded around the world, scientists have measured the intensity of the blasts. Their conclusion: both India and Pakistan have

Glaciers harbor microbes. In small, ice-covered lakes created by glacial runoff live fibrous mats of algae and plankton. And in a paper in last week's Science, researchers decribe an aggregate

It is a shocking tale-if true. In September 1970, as the Vietnam War raged on, a team of 16 commandos was sent to Laos on a secret mission. They were ordered to find and kill U.S. defectors, fellow

In the Cambridgeshire campus of the Wellcome Trust, the world's richest medical charity, 300 scientists are plotting the map of life. They are part of the Human Genome Project, an international

The Hubble telescope snaps a picture of a planet near a distant star : a