The tiny island nation can teach the United States valuable lessons about energy policy.

At this vital juncture in the earth's history, it's clear that the American people are looking for a presidential candidate who will take climate change "very seriously." One who favors "unbiased research" into the problem and promises to support regulations that are "based on science." Someone, perhaps, like George W.

The eco-movement is turning governance upside down. Who's winning this brand-new game?

When all goes well, thunderheads tower above India's southwestern state of Kerala in early June, drenching the region's vital rice fields and ensuring a bountiful harvest. From there the summer monsoon plods northward to soak the baking plains and irrigate vital breadbasket regions that feed 1.1 billion people before arriving at the foot of the Himalayas in August.

Chances are you've heard of hybrids and biofuels, but what about oil-producing yeast and turbinelike buoys that transform ocean waves into electricity?

Fraser place may someday loom large in the annals of environmental history. Completed in Shenzhen in 2005, the crescent-shaped service apartment is China's first green commercial building. The windows are designed to capture breezes, reducing the need for air conditioning. Rainwater runs off the roof and into an irrigation system for the surrounding gardens.

Clean drinking water is seen as a birthright in most of the West

The people of Qara had written off their town's buried assets. More than 1,500 years earlier, residents had dug stonelined aqueducts

The forecast just seems to get gloomier. Climate change may dramatically increase the risk of flooding across the globe, even far from shorelines, say scientists in the journal Nature. The reason: plants won't soak up as much moisture in a world with more greenhouse pollution.

In striking contrast to this grass-roots approach, the national government is putting in place an ambitious plan to link India's major river systems with 30 canals stretching 10000 kilometers. The