Morality and painful memories prompt Germany to put its stem-cell research on hold : a

In the slums of Nairobi, true believers think they've found a cure for AIDS. Another way station on Africa's road to ruin : a

A study which appeared in the journal Science questions whether belief has the power to cure and triggers a lively medical debate : a report.

The plague that's killed 22 million isn't done with us yet. While we hunt for a vaccine, people continue to die-from AIDS or the drugs intended to treat it : a report.

India is in danger of suffering Africa's fate if the AIDS epidemic is not dealt with quickly : a

After two decades of frustration and neglect, the vaccine effort in AIDS is moving back to center stage-and no one has pushed harder to get it there than Dr. Seth Berkley. Five years ago, at 40,

The tiny African nation of Botswana is leading the war against the AIDS pandemic. Alone among governments in the African AIDS hot zone, Botswana has summoned the means and the political will to try

Brazil confronts a dire energy shortage and an abrupt end to a culture of carefree waste : a report.

If nothing else, George W. Bush's energy problem reminds us of one of the great paradoxes of American public opinion. By word, the Americans are ardent environmentalists. A CBS poll found that

A new report by Dr Claude Lenfant of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, suggests that 36 million of us need drugs to control our cholesterol levels.