Health officials say they've got mad cow under control. But millions of unaware people may be infected. BSE is the creepiest of the prion diseases and makes Ebola virus look like chickenpox.

The city of Venice is slowly sinking for 1,500 years-a result of the rising Adriatic and the sagging ground on which the city was

Last week, Yusuf Hamied the chairman of Bombay pharmaceutical firm Cipla announced that the company would provide AIDS cocktails to be distributed through Medecins sans Frontieres, the non-profit

The evidence mounts:the human form of mad-cow disease may have spread far beyond Britain-and may be ready to strike : a

The U.S. energy crisis goes far beyond California. Bush's new policy will cover summer gasoline, winter heating oil-and prospects that the national economy could be losing

New research on how cocaine, heroin, alcohol and amphetamines target neuronal circuits is revealing the biological basis of addiction, tolerance, withdrawal and relapse : a

Once a staple of the North Sea, the cod fish have been harvested to the brink of disaster.Measures to protect them don't go far

Favorable winds disperse an oil spill in the Galapagos, but these treasured islands, which opened Darwin's eyes to evolution, are still being threatened : a

President George W Bush's order banning U.S. aid to international organizations that conduct or "actively promote" abortions was apparently intended as a small gesture. But U.S. pro-choice activists,

For the world's children, access to vaccines shouldn't be a matter of the luck of the geographic draw. Yet more than 2 million kids die each year from diseases that are easily