Wolves are taking their place in France's new ecology. Wolves vanished from France in the 1930s after the French Government's century-long effort to exterminate them. They retreated to Italy, where

Cigarette makers are coming under fire as governments attack global smuggling.The World Health Organisation estimates that a third of the billions of cigarettes exported onto the world market each

More kids than ever are facing the challenge of 'mindblindness.' The causes are still a mystery, but research is offering new clues to how the brain works.Scientists are gaining tantalizing insights

Genetically modified crops are banned in Brazil. That pleases Greenpeace-and outrages farmers : a

A new study shows that environment matters more than genetics in determining whether you get cancer. According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, the risk of developing breast cancer

The AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa showcased frustration, fear-and some small glimpses of hope that humanity may yet have a chance against the epidemic : a

Despite generating 10,000 tons of trash every day, Manila has only two landfills. As the dumps have grown, they've attracted increasing numbers of people. President Estrada has promosed a safer

A US jury's staggering $145 billion damage award may not stand, but it signals what could be a grim new legal era for the once invincible cigarette marketers : a

The sight of trucks dousing entire neighborhoods with pesticides made New Yorkers feel like they were under attack. Although, the West Nile encephalitis virus, which killed seven people in New York

Texans are coping well with the heat wave, whose record-breaking temperatures included 10 days of 100-degree-plus mercury in July. And they're used to drought, which has gripped much of the state for