The role colour Doppler echocardiography in treating heart diseases of unborn babies (foetus) was highlighted by the doctors attending the concluding day of the World Conference on Cardiology

Work at Sri Lanka's tea industry came to grinding halt yesterday as over half-a -million plantation workers struck work demanding better wages. Negotiations between the trade unions representing the

If reversing the trend of environmental drgradation requires action on a war-footing, then who is better equipped to lead the fight than the Army? That question was both asked and answered by

The Hinduja Group will shortly negotiate with foreign lending agencies for credit of over $800 million to part finance its $1.2 billion thermal power project in Vishakhapatnam in Andhra

According to a recent report published by an indepedent London-based health organisation, abortion among adolescents is on the rise in India, killing many young mothers and causing lifelong health

The spectre of the harmful effects of acid rain looms menacingly over all South Asian countries, including India, A

The New Caledonian Lirikeet, a small green bird with violet-blue thighs and a yellow-tipped tail, may be the latest of the world's parrots to become extinct, according to experts.

The US-led anti-child labour campaign in South Asia will get a boost with President Bill Clinton's allocation of an additional $ 86 million to help enforce child labour laws at home and abroad.

Scientists have discovered a gene that causes a rare and extreme form of hair loss, a finding they say could one day point to better remedies for common hereditary baldness.

Sixty per cent monkeys in the Capital suffer from Hepatitis B. Camel's skin is peeling away and humps have shrunk. Soumil Mukhopadhyay lets out a cry for hapless animals working long hours,