Britain has got its first college for ayruvedic studies following a surge in demand for treatment under the traditional herb-based Indian system of

Narora Atomic Power Station became the first ever nuclear plant in the country to achieve a high targeted power in a year by generating 1754.91 million units during the last calendar

The relentless pace of discovery and application of biotechnologies are raising more and more ethical questions over their potential misuse, a leading medical expert has

As dark clouds of pollution engulf Delhi, residents of some colonies in the Capital have decided to convert their areas into pollution-free zones. A project is being undertaken with the help of an

Reeling from widespread criticism from various quarters for its inept handling of the borer beetle infestation in the dense sal forests in the state, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided not to

A water desalination plant in Ajman was shut down temporarily as a large oil slick threatened parts of the United Arab Emirates

Several thousand industries continue to pollute the Capital as the government drags its feet over relocating industries operating in non-conforming areas. Over 50,000 industries had applied to the

Researchers claim that a new red gel could dissolve decaying parts of teeth and cure bleeding

The once invulnerable American tobacco industry buckled yet again to legal pressure on Friday when it offered Texas $14.5 billion as an out-of court settlement of the state's Medicare

Those who thought felling a tree involves a simple act of using an axe should think again. In a heavy clampdown by the Department of Forest and Wildlife , Delhi Government , several people have been