All of California except the great outdoors and private homes will effectively become one large on-smoking zone on New Year's Day. As the new year begins, the latest measure in the state's panoply

The city-based Wockhardt Hospital and Health Insititute has become the first -ever hospital in south and south-east Asia to set up a digital cardiac catheterisation laboratory for conduct of

Swirling flood waters rising by the hour cut off road links to Malda district in Bengal and threatened to deprive the people of electricity and drinking

With waters from Gomti inundating the low lying areas of Lucknow, the UP capital was declared flood hit as the situation in 42 affected districts remained grim and the toll mounted to

Doctors of the Delhi Opthalmological Society announced that dropsy patients, their family members and people in the same vicinity should have regular eye-pressure check ups to detect the incidence of

The utilisation of fly ash generated from thermal power plants is on its way to final notification, but the inadequacy of information imparted by the authorities may defeat its very purpose-promoting

rather slow on health : Lovers of fast food beware| All the hasty and tasty food flooding the market as fast food is not safe. Rich in fats and other preservatives, it could lead to many a heart and

While bridging the 'lab-to-land-gap' has been the aim behind the series of Kisan Melas held in the country, some new ground is sought to be broken by the one being conducted in Shikohabad (UP) on 5

The Bihar Government today launched a special drive to identify dropsy cases in the wake of reports that over 20 people have caught this killer disease in the state.

As the dropy toll rose to 15 and continued to claim more victims, the first case of dengue came to light