Hounded by goons and ignored by apathatic authorities, the inventor of a unique gas saving gadget has been turned to a shoe shine boy. Mr Debajyoti Bandopadhyay, 33, frail and famished in appearance,

The Krishak Samaj president and Haryana Congress leader, Mr S S Surjewala, has warned of more suicides by farmers in the state as private credit sources, mainly commission agents, giving advances to

The controversial Sinar Mas project at Bhigwan, has been given a show-cause notice by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to shut down "the manufacturing activities

After his claims to produce herbal petrol were exposed by the scientific community two years ago, P Ramar, the village inventor, today distributed about two dozen bottles of "alternative fuel" to

Vast fields of gas crustals that could be a new clean fuel for the next century have been discovered on the seabed. Researchers said on Monday that the reserves of the crystals , called gas

Full dress rehearsals of rescue operation in the event of a cyclone will be conducted this month in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The nine districts, which face a perennial risk of being ravaged by storms,

The government blood bank in Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital in the Capital is not functioning for the past 20 days allegedly due to the non-availability of blood screening kit.

In what are believed to be the after-effects of the 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake, large cracks have developed along a valley formed by the Jalkur, a tributary of the Bhagirathi, which joins the main

Days after the government enforced a ban on the use of leaded petrol to reduce the level of pollution, 16 illegal lead smelting units have been detected in Capital, each capable of emitting lead

The US Department of Energy has a new computer developed by IBM that will help in solving technological problems.