Nearly two decades after the one of the world's most devastating famines in Africa, scientists are pointing a finger at pollution from industrial nations as one of the possible causes. Now, a group

The Haryana Government has decided to grant compensation at the rate of Rs 2,000 per acre to the farmers whose kharif crops had been damaged due to drought conditions in the state. This was stated by

Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas and Harvard Medical School have discovered a second protein found in skeletal muscle that can transform sedentary muscles into

A report published in Archives of Neurology has found that consuming more calories and fats may contribute to an increased risk of Alzheimer disease (AD) in some people. Researchers believe that he

Smokers cost the Singapore economy 839 million Singapore dollars (479 million US dollars) a year in lost working time due to illness and deaths, a new study has showed. The findings published in The

A recent study has shown the prevalence of stomach cancer to be highest among Sikkimese people. As estimated 10.4 per cent of Sikkimese were found afflicted with stomach cancer, according to a study

Even as the Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation (PSIEC) has failed to enhance the capacity of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) for the disposal of effluents released by tanneries

For every person who gets crushed to death by a speeding car or a truck or a bus there are atleast three who are likely to meet the same fate by merely exhaling the deadly emission of vehicles that

The CPM sought the Prime Minister's immediate intervention in tackling the serious drought situation prevailing in different parts of the country and demanded an increase in financial aid to the

Men of Madhya Pradesh are more likely to spend their old age in loneliness without their spouses, if the statistical figures are any indication. According to the annual report of Department of Women