Earth scientists are alarmed at the increasing number of natural calamities in the Himalyan region and the colossal loss of life and property. It is felt that the absence of a detailed study and long

British scientists have developed a quick test that can detect tuberculosis in two or three hours instead of weeks. It uses DNA fingerprinting techniques to confirm new outbreaks of the highly

Punjab will represent to the Centre to seek a change in the parameters for determining the damage to crops. The suggested changes will form a part of the assessment report to be submitted to the

The Delhi Development Authority in collaboration with the Centre for Environment Management of Degraded Ecosystem, University of Delhi, is undertaking the establishment of a bio diversity park in

Apprehensive of earning the wrath of the residents of South Haryana, mainly dominated by the farming community, for being an ally of the ruling INLD, the BHP has joined issue on the compensation to

Responding to Punjab's request, the Uttar Pradesh Government gave its share of 500 MW power from the Central pool to Punjab, providing a relief, especially to the agriculture sector, whose supply was

Industries Minister Seep Chand Bandhu's attributing the delay in relocating polluting industries to the economic slowdown has come as a shot in the arm for industrialists. Buoyed by the minister's

The Punjab Government has sought Rs 300 crore aid from Japan to set up a new nurseries and strengthen the existing ones for growing enough plants to bring considerable chunk of waste and other lands

Despite as many as 10 Prevention Pollution Acts under implementation in Punjab, the scene is dismal and alarming. All the Acts framed between 1974 and 2001 have failed to stop people from indulging

The ministerial task force on disaster management, headed by Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani directed the Committee of Secretaries to assess and take a decision on the foodgrain demand of the