The Gujarat earthquake struck at the very foundation of urban India. The disaster highlighted the haphazard manner in which the country's towns and cities are laid out. In its aftermath, hastily framed laws on earthquake resistant structures and ambigui

Spate of post Bhuj tremors would be a precursor to another major quake. But the authorities are not stirring

Gujarat s quake victims are still picking up the pieces

Authorities response to post crisis management committees and cover ups

The quake s underground impact

The 2001 Bhuj earthquake was something of a watershed in Indian disaster preparedness. Several state governments, most so in the Northeast, and various central ministries were shocked into a comprehension of the dangers. However, national capital New Delh

Gujarat is paying a heavy price for a calamity that is by far the biggest government made disaster since Independence. As the state crawls out from a landscape of debris, it appears as the most imposing symbol of a system that is in comatose, though not d

D eath and earthquakes do not come by appointment. However, an earth

A deadly nexus between government officials and builders reduce most of Gujarat s homes to rubbles