The automobile industry can breathe easy with the Supreme Court lifting its earlier restrictions on the sale of cars; plea for extending deadline on emission norms rejected

Sikkim s Pawan Kumar Chamling is felicitated for being the greenest chief minister of India

India's chief ministers are beginning to take note of environmental problems. But just about. The Centre for Science and Environment conducted a survey of Down To Earth readers and India's environmentalists. A report on the nature of the work carri

Source: CSE Survey, 1998 NOTE: Names of CMs in order of ranking done by environmentalist

LUDHIANA Ludhiana"s problem is that of plenty. This industrial town has a per capita income of Rs 30,000, almost 30 times more the per capita income of the state of Bihar which is only Rs 1,067.

ALIGARH Aligarh was among the six districts chosen for the Green Revolution along with Ludhiana in the 1980s. The Green Revolution happened and Aligarh, like many other towns, went on to bigger

JAISALMER Jaisalmer is one of the world's prettiest 4 desert forts. And it is one of the few in which people still live. But modern Jaisalmer is also bursting at the seams and using water in a

A sleepy town finds its rivers dirtied

In India, the issue of food security has always been intimately involved with that of ecological degradation. In 1he late '60s and early'70s, the green revolution was introduced to increase food

Conservation policies practised in the developing world need to tread cautiously on territories which had for generations, belonged to the people, says a statement by the Centre for Science and Environment