JAISALMER Jaisalmer is one of the world's prettiest 4 desert forts. And it is one of the few in which people still live. But modern Jaisalmer is also bursting at the seams and using water in a

A sleepy town finds its rivers dirtied

In India, the issue of food security has always been intimately involved with that of ecological degradation. In 1he late '60s and early'70s, the green revolution was introduced to increase food

Conservation policies practised in the developing world need to tread cautiously on territories which had for generations, belonged to the people, says a statement by the Centre for Science and Environment

• Produce a white paper on the status of wildlife in the country, which also evaluates the current conservation policies and their effectiveness. • Reassess the Wildlife

On global issues Kamal Nath was prepared to take positions unpalatable to his bureaucrats and worked closely with CSE. But he was not willing to go far on national issues, especially on the crucial one of participatory natural resource management

PAPER is important, but so are forests. The proposal of the ministry for environment and forests to allow the paper industry to establish captive plantations on degraded forest lands, has provoked angry reactions from environmentalists. Many academics a

No, no and no again. At a meeting organised by Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (cse) on July 7, environmentalists firmly rejected the proposal of the ministry of environment and

The salient features of the new government scheme which would allow paper plantations to stay on degraded forests are: • The selection of the project area shall be done jointly by the

With the demise of Sunil K Roy, often described as "a soldier, diplomat, administrator and environmentalist, all in one", environment has lost one of its best friends. Starting his career in the army