Manna Singh

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Manna Singh, a farmer by profession is the chairman of Sitapur project in Madhya Pradesh. Couple of years back, 46-year-old Singh was sent as a district representative to Anna Hazare for getting trained. In the year 1996, Union ministry of rural development supported the Sitapur project with a financial aid of Rs 12 lakh. The work started in 1997 and is expected to be completed soon.

In the rainy season the hills called Bhilai hills used to carry sand and silt and make the field unfit for cultivation. So far, 32 check dams have been constructed at a cost of Rs 41,000 and also the Raksamada dam at a cost of Rs 93,000, as a result of this the land has become cultivable. Moreover, he is actively pursuing the afforestation of the region near Son river so that the cultivation of the nearing villages located in the lower landscape does not suffer from the sand and silt which flows towards it and washes away the fertile soil.