The mining company has been criticised for "failing to respect human rights of the Dongria Kondh tribe in Orissa".
: Indian mining giant Vedanta Resources, which has faced a series of high-profile divestments from high-profile organisations in Britain, is facing more pullouts over its human rights and environment approach, particularly in Orissa.

This report submitted to MoEF on March 12, 2010 details impact of bauxite mining in Lanjigarh on tribals in the region. Accuses Vedanta Alumina for violating the forest rights act & starting work without obtaining necessary clearances.

The mine will cause irreversible damage to the ancestral home and way of life of ` thousands of the Kondh tribal people in Orissa.
CELEBRITY Bianca Jagger, the ex-wife of Mick Jagger of the Rolling stones, is in the forefront to save the Niyamgiri hills in south Orissa which is the home of the Kondh tribals.
The Vedanta group is pressing hard to start bauxite mining on these hills.

Over 5,000 Dongria and Kondh tribals car- rying traditional arms held a massive protest rally in the Niyamgiri hills of south Orissa against the mining project of Vedanta Alumina Limited (VAL) on Sunday.

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NEW DELHI: In a blow to mining firm Vedanta, a fourth European investor has sold its multi-million pound stake in the company, citing

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International on Tuesday alleged that the government and Vedanta had failed to protect Orissa's indigenous communities from health hazards of mining. However, the mining major hit back saying these claims were based on "outdated document".

Amnesty International has lambasted Vedanta Resources, the London-based mining company, for violating the human rights of local communities, including their right to water, food, health and work by operating a heavily polluting alumina refinery in Lanjigarh, Orissa.

S Kalyana Ramanathan / London February 09, 2010, 0:25 IST

Survival International, a London-based NGO, has appealed to the director of the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, James Cameron, to lend his support in fighting against London-listed mining and metals major Vedanta Resources from setting up its aluminium plant in Orissa.

NEW DELHI: They are an indigenous people struggling to defend their land against mining interests who threaten their homes, culture and sacred deity.

S Kalyana Ramanathan / London February 6, 2010, 0:49 IST

Withdraws investment over Orissa project.

Metals and mining major and Anil Agarwal-controlled Vedanta Resouces today received a moral blow to its proposed mining project in Orissa after the Church of England withdrew its investments in the company, citing ethical reasons for the decision.