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The Unicef has approved more than $300 millions for India under its country programme for a four-year period beginning next year. The programme will focus on health, education, nutrition,

Six weeks after the the Ganges and other rivers flowing into Bangladesh burst their banks, the government is grappling with a disaster whose size it failed to acknowledge until the homes, livestock

The Centre has sanctioned Rs 29.5 crore for cleaning the 15.5km long Tolly's Nullah. The state government has also decided to sanction Rs 6 crore for the purpose, according to a report submitted

It is an industrial ghetto. The 1,000 electroplating units in the Anand Parbat Industrial Area crackle and hiss as dull iron gets a coat of shiny white aluminium. Hangers, utensils, doorlatches lie

The Department of Environment and Pollution (DEP) in Bangladesh has issued warning to 1176 polluting mills and factories across the country, for dumping untreated hazardous wastes. These industrial

Expert : This year's swelling of the Yangtze River has been caused by abnormal movement of the rain front in the areas along the middle and lower reaches of the river, according to a senior

Record-breaking floods that have hit the Yangtze River basin since June have affected 240 million people so far, with more than 2,000 people dead or missing and 13.8 million taking refuge in higher

Experts who are closely observing the adverse effect of the air craft engine's clamour upon the general public's health put roughly 10 thousand families, who are living in the vicinity of Tribhuvan

Local bodies have been asked by the Pollution Control Board to streamline their mechanism for solid waste and sullage disposal . The PCB had issued notices to many institutions including Government

The worst heat wave in decades in Cyprus abated after killing 56 people over the past week. But searing temperatures struck much of Europe, cancelling school classes and sending the youth to the