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Over the past few days Delhi’s Air Quality Index is at levels considered hazardous. As the capital city gears up to celebrate Diwali we are debating what can be done to clean-up Delhi’s air.

These NASA image explains why it's getting difficult to breathe in Delhi

Delhi’s air quality took a turn for the worse Tuesday as the particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) levels shot up during the hot and humid day. The National Air Quality Index showed that the air quality was poor at R K Puram and Mandir Marg, very poor at Punjabi Bagh, and severe at Anand Vihar for most of the day.

Three toddlers, all aged between six and 14 months, have moved the Supreme Court asking for a ban on firecrackers, saying that the Top Court needs to take urgent measures to bring down Delhi's 'fatal' pollution levels. Their parents tell us that leaving India, or at least Delhi, seems like a better option than breathing in the city's toxic air. Is it high time there was a blanket ban on firecrackers and are firecrackers all that need looking into? We debate, on Agenda.

Eco friendly immersion of idols after Dura Puja, Chittaranjan Park, 52 Pocket, New Delhi

Dakshin Palli Durga Puja Samiti of Chittranjan Park, Pocket 52, New Delhi decided to go green this year and took a decision not to immerse the idol in the river Yamuna. This video shows immersion of the biodegradable idol of Goddess Durga in large tank made of galvanized iron sheets.