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THE US National Institute of Health (NIH) has halted grant to a conference on 'Links between genetic disposition and criminal behaviour', following

American aid for Indian irrigation projects has been withdrawn as focus shifts to other sectors.

A COUNTRY'S economic strength influences its health level, which, in turn, is correlated with its average income level. When the economy grows, the people's health should also improve. The gross

Catalysts for Change, a 13 part film series produced by the Centre for the Development of Instructional Technology, covers the gamut of problems that plague the country and its people

PROLONGED use of chlorinated drinking water can cause cancer, says a study by scientists at the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR). When chlorine gas reacts with naturally occurring organic

SWEDISH pharmaceutical firm Astra has developed a drug -- Losec -- that inhibits acid secretions in the stomach wall and heals ulcers. It has been found that as many as 80 per cent of all ulcer

THE JAPANESE who are among the heaviest smokers in the industrialised world -- 36 per cent of the over-18 population smoke -- are being lured away from tobacco by a programme that sets the yen as

THE average global life expectancy may be an unprecedented 65 years and still climbing, but according to the annual report of the World Health Organisation (WHO), people are not living

RABINDRANATH Tagore's much loved tree, the scholar's tree or Alstonia scholaris, is today a bone of contention within the faculty of the Indian Institute of Technology (11T) in Kanpur. Last

This book describes major environmental changes in India. It's a balance sheet of India's resources and focuses attention on the effect of ecological degradation on the poor. The interesting thing in the second report is the information that is provides on the linkages that operate on what can be called the interface areas: at the interfaces between different ecological spaces like croplands, grazing lands and forests; between the people and their environment; between economies of towns and villages, and so on.