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betel chewing is a national pastime in Taiwan. But now Taiwanese officials have decided to destroy the plantations that are growing on government-protected land, shut down the roadside stalls and

US rivers and lakes are poisoned by PCBs

PCBs have invaded the Arctic

Implementing bans needs commitment

When government agencies do give out information, they think it is above reproach

The Centre for Science and Environment CSE has been doing research on health and environment in the public interest. But most government agencies, which are there to serve the people, not only refuse to share information but also create obstacl

Government agencies have kept people in the

Haryana government turns round on official for telling the truth

Reemergence of infectious diseases like tuberculosis (TB) is among the major health hazards resulting from increasing globalisation, says a report published by the Institute of Medicine, the medical

Transparent workstyles of the bureaucracy