From major fruits like the mango, banana and citrus to minor ones like karonda and sapthei, the story is the same: genetic erosion is leading India's native fruits to the brink of extinction

Attempts at conserving fruit germplasm as well as creating a market for lesser-known varieties have been far from satisfactory. Also, a whole lot of fruits are yet to be sampled

Conservation of fruits may be difficult, but that is no excuse. Preservation of national assets should be given top priority

Fruits and vegetables that turn brown within minutes of being bruised or sliced may soon be guaranteed against discolouration, if ongoing field trials in The Netherlands and Australia on

A UK power company, Eastern Electric, has pioneered a technique to prevent fresh fruit from ripening and decaying in storage. Normally, fruits stored in refrigerated warehouses continue to ripen

SHORTAGE of space is a familiar lament of city folk fond of gardening. But now, architect Gosta Nilsson has found a novel way to make walls using hollow concrete blocks that could be filled with sand

ISRAEL'S citrus industry, part of its drive to "make the desert bloom", is a spectacular success story with export earnings in the US $150-250 million range, depending on the quality and quantity of