Wine grapes in Australia are ripening between one and two days earlier each year due to climate change in a trend viticultural experts say could see some traditional varieties abandoned in warmer a

Good news for wine drinkers: a leading international body says grape vines are a hardy little number and can survive climate change, at least over the medium term.

Germany's Bayer has advised wine grape growers not to use its Moon Privilege fungicide until its CropScience arm has investigated whether there is a connection between the product's use and reporte

Wine-making is steeped in age-old traditions, but to address the threat of pests and concerns over heavy pesticide use, vintners are turning to science.

Formalin is used in 93.75 per cent of mangoes selling in the capital, said a report of Save the Environment Movement on Tuesday.

The Maharashtra government has decided to launch a project with $85 million funding from the Asian Development Bank, which will augment the agriculture infrastructure in the State.

Innovation in cold chains and warehousing can make the country a leading exporter of horticulture products.

Acting on the directives of the Centre, States such as Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana are ready with their annual plans to boost horticulture production.

Scientists at the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) here have developed three varieties of high-value grapes having ability to mature before the monsoon season.

The recent introduction and evaluation of the varieties under the fruit and vegetable development programme has discovered that

The literature regarding consumer demand for safer food in developing countries is scant, and the general assumption is that these consumers