A number of new crops have been developed that address important traits of particular relevance for smallholder farmers in Africa. Scientists, policy makers, and other stakeholders have raised concerns that the approval process for these new crops causes delays that are often scientifically unjustified. This article develops a real option model for the optimal regulation of a risky technology that enhances economic welfare and reduces malnutrition. We consider gradual adoption of the technology and show that delaying approval reduces uncertainty about perceived risks of the technology.

शहर के बड़े थोक बाजारों में आम, पपीता और केला को घातक केमिकल से पकाकर बेचने की पुष्टि हो गई। फलों की जांच जिस केमिकल से पकाया जा रहा था, उसमें कार्बाइड स्टोन और लिक्विड केमिकल मिले हैं। यह खतरनाक

Two years after devastating floods, banana planters in Ivory Coast have staged a comeback, eyeing an increase in production and new markets for the popular fruit.

Banana harvests in Colombia, the world's fourth-largest exporter, and other Latin American producers could be crippled by the potential arrival of a fungus which withers the crop, a top agricultura

Crop yields in Africa will nosedive ten years from now unless we can develop varieties that can better deal with climate change.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture has lauded the Meghalaya government for initiating organic farming in all the blocks of the State.

Due to climate change and other factors, Uganda faces a number of agricultural challenges. New crop diseases are threatening major food crops such as cassava, bananas, and maize.

Climate change could wipe out 60 per cent of bean production in Sub-Saharan Africa, and decimate banana and maize crops in the region, a study warns.

The farmers and families who grow bananas in Honduras and across Latin America are under increasing strain.

FAO and its partners say that a global effort is needed to prevent the rapid spread of the deadly Fusarium wilt disease in bananas, which poses a severe threat to economic welfare and food security