The damage caused by the havoc wreaked by cyclone Thane in the district has been pegged at Rs 4,000 crore, according to an official of a Central team that inspected the affected areas here.

Off the Ukkadam – Sundakkamuthur Road, about a km away, in the midst of banana farms lie three or four thatched roofed temporary structures.

At first sight they appear to be houses or sheds for watchmen. But they are not. They are not even mushroom cultivation farms, as a board outside one of the sheds claims. They are yarn dyeing units.

Petitioner seeks debt relief for farmers

GUWAHATI, Oct 28 – People should find an effective alternative to banana plants as lamp posts during the Diwali, or else, it will continue to incur loss of crores of rupees every year.

Due to the floods, 80 percent of banana, dates, chilli, sugar cane and especially cotton crop (equivalent of 2.3 million bales destroyed), and a total of 690,000 houses have been destroyed.

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA), which issues the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report on any development project in the country, is unaware that more than 60,000 acres of virgin

The documentary Bananas!

The Punjab State Farmers Commission has launched a campaign for banana and vegetable cultivation in the state.

Rs 20-lakh project to encourage cultivation of jasmine, betel leaves and banana with GI tags
Brand crops Special varieties of jasmine, betel leaves and banana grown in Mysore region.