Mumbai's iconic heritage cinema METRO INOX is now South Mumbai's largest cinema and continues the celebration of legacy and luxury with the launch of their signature indulgence, INSIGNIA screens wh

The documentary Bananas!

You have no doubt read about the scams and scandals associated with the infamous iron ore mines of Bellary district

Film>> Social Justice

An Australian documentary that premiered at the Sydney Film Festival in July has ignited a controversy with its claims on slavery in the refugee camps of western Sahara. The protagonist has denounced the film for portraying her as a slave. The 80-minute film, by Sydney-based Violeta Ayala and Dan Fallshaw, is set in refugee camps in south-west Algeria, where 160,000 Saharawi people have lived

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno (not their real names) are the frontmen for the Yes Men. They got together to set up parody websites such as and graduated to huge anti-corporate, culture-jamming stunts targeting giants such as ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical. Their latest film, The Yes Men Fix the World, is showing now all over the UK and in the US later in October.

In 1994, thousands of people from the Tutsi community were slaughtered by their Hutu neighbours across Rwanda. Nine years later the killers came home from prison to live side by side again with their victims. The complexities of this homecoming are explored in director Anne Aghion

At a Tehran home, a family and its neighbours shout,

Film>> Tobacco, Threat to Life and Development

Film>> Ozone Killers