Tracing a sense of community feeling over 50 years of sensation

The consciousness of being urban is all powerful today. What will it lead to?

Liberalisation in India has not only affected humdrum life, but also popular cultural forms. This is palpable in the changing dynamics of the big screen. Indian cinema has become even more urbane now than ever before. No longer can the elite take a dek

From the lush jungles to the marshes, Krishnendu Bose is travelling fast in the field of wildlife filmaking. Having made his debut in the world of wildlife documentaries with his Elephant - Last

Prabhat Roy's award winning Shwet Paatharer Thala is a tear jerker, which nevertheless effectively preaches the lesson of family welfare.

Students of Hyderabad University's department of communication have tried to highlight the effect industrialisation can have on the quality of life in their film, Companee Lochayee, Gaddu Rojulu

City Life, a compilation of films from different parts of the world, vividly depicts the trials and tribulations of urban society.

Vatavaran, India's only competitive environment and wildlife film festival, was held between September 12 and 16 in Delhi. Wild Dog Diaries by S Krupakar and Senani Hegde bagged the Best of the

Two Indian film-makers who had braved forest brigand Veerappan to shoot a film on wild dogs were feted at a recent Japanese festival. Wild Dog Diaries, made by the Mysore-based filmmaker-photographer

>> Disney Studio has pledged to remove smoking from its family-oriented films. The media giant's chief executive Robert A Iger said depictions of smoking will be "discouraged' in films aimed at