This paper presents the findings from a study aimed at understanding whether video games (or serious games) can be effective in enhancing volcanic hazard education and communication. Using the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent, we have developed a video game – St. Vincent's Volcano – for use in existing volcano education and outreach sessions. Its twin aims are to improve residents' knowledge of potential future eruptive hazards (ash fall, pyroclastic flows and lahars) and to integrate traditional methods of education in a more interactive manner.

Video games sometimes get a bad rap for negative effects on public health, but if chosen wisely, it may help improve health outcomes in children.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time with the greatest impacts being felt by poor and marginalised people living in developing countries, and particularly children. While children have done

Techniques to improve the nutritional content and processing of crops are better spread using video, suggests a programme in Benin.

Just when you thought the frenzy of Charles Darwin anniversary celebrations was on the wane, there is another tasty morsel. But unlike the multitude of TV and radio documentaries, books and exhibitions honouring the grandad of evolution, this item is all about popular participation. A project called Darwin Aloud is calling on people around the world to send in videos of themselves

>> A California law that banned the sale or rental of violent video games to minors was struck down February 26 by a US federal appeals court >> More than 1,815 digital maps will be completed in 2009 marking official and clandestine roads, rivers, settlements, and schools in Brazillian Amazon. Cartographers from Brazil

Video>>Convenient Truth

>> The video-sharing site YouTube will be allowed to mask the identities of individual users when it provides viewership records to the media giant Viacom and other copyright holders after a US court directed it to submit its database to Viacom. >> Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola has come under pressure for their continued sponsorship of the Beijing Olympics, with activists

>> US District Court Judge Louis Stanton has ordered Google to give entertainment giant Viacom details of video-watching habits of visitors to its popular video-sharing website YouTube. For Viacom, the data is potential evidence for a billion-dollar copyright suit against Google. >> Beware celebrities who encouraging the

Graphic images of real injuries inflicted by knives feature in a new