The first thing that strikes about them is their eyes: questioning the unfairness of this world. They are child labourers employed by the carpet industry of Pakistan (Rights and Wrongs). In

CLASSIC movies can now be preserved for generations without fearing loss of print quality. Though movie films are kept in sealed cans to keep dirt out, they are vulnerable to the "vinegar syndrome",

Electronic companies worldwide, who are trying to develop a new generation of televisions, are finding the going tough

LIFE IMITATES art more than art imitates life, said Oscar Wilde. His statement was borne out recently when US scientists re-enacted in their laboratory the plot of Steven Spielberg's latest film,

Goutam Ghose's Padma Nadir Majhi depicts how poor fisherfolk, already vulnerable to nature's whims, are exploited by fellow humans.

Cheluvi, Girish Karnad's film on a young woman who could change herself at will into a champak tree, contains an effective environmental message.

Satyajit Ray"s films showed an extreme sensitivity to the natural world. Yet he was no naturalist. The people he portrayed were carefully situated in their environment