The popularity of tropical shrimp – often marketed as scampi, giant shrimp, gambas or tiger prawns - is having a devastating impact on local communities in Bangladesh, reveals a new investigation produced in conjunction with the Ecologist's film partner.

Cocoa production will become increasingly difficult in the key growing regions of West Africa by 2030 because of climate change, according to a new study.

The documentary Bananas!

Controversial dairy farm in village of Nocton generated heavy opposition from local residents, animal w

As Papua New Guinea gives go-ahead to a Canadian mining company to dredge its coastal seabed for minerals, critics say environmental assessments have been inadequate, local objections ignored and new species of life could be extinct before they have even been discovered.

The dramatic increase in use of antibiotics by farmers over the past decade may be spreading antibiotic-resistant bugs from farm animals to the food chain.

European observers say it is going to be as

Plans for a new international airport in the coastal city of Mumbai will destroy yet more of its mangrove ecosystems, and there are fears the deal has already been closed.

The bulk of our motives for buying green are selfish, say psychologists. So would appealing to social positioning help shift behaviours better than moralising?

Analysis showing lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with intensive livestock production could pose a challenge to our views on best farming practice?.