Read this special report by Down To Earth on the iconic Paan losing its appeal. Its trade has dipped 40-50 per cent in the past decade, while consumption of chewing tobacco, especially gutkha, increased during the period. Farmers now prefer other crops.

Rs 20-lakh project to encourage cultivation of jasmine, betel leaves and banana with GI tags
Brand crops Special varieties of jasmine, betel leaves and banana grown in Mysore region.

PARADIP: The difference between district administration and the activists of United Action Committee, a pro-Posco outfit, over disbursement of compensation has delayed the demolition of betel vines on government land in proposed Posco area.

Country wise export of betel leves for the year 2005-2010.

Oral cancer is the second most common cancer in women and the third most common in men in Pakistan. Tobacco is smoked and chewed extensively in Pakistan. Paan is a quid of piper betel leaf that contains areca nut, lime, condiment, sweeteners, and sometimes tobacco, which is also used extensively. We did this study to clarify the independent association of paan and oral cancer.