South Asia is looking at an energy abyss. Millions of its people have no access to electricity or any other energy. This has put the brakes on the high growth rates in what should have been a dynamic region. High dependence on petroleum import coupled with mismanagement of their energy sector has made the SAARC countries extremely vulnerable. Cooperation could be a way out. Latha Jishnu travels across Pakistan to find out if India and its largest neighbour can set aside their mutual distrust and find solutions for the energy security of the region.

Kolkata-based architect Laurent Fournier tells how ceilings can float and why bamboo-reed-mud make more sense than brick-concrete-steel.

Noise levels in most Indian cities have crossed safe limits. Lack of awareness has led to ailments ranging from hypertension to heart diseases. But the authorities dont's seem bothered. Read this special report in Down To Earth.

In partnership with forest departments, communities across India have raised forests worth millions of rupees in the hope of getting shares in timber revenue. Now that forests are ready for harvest, officials make excuses or give pittance. Read this Special report in Down To Earth.

This special report by Sayantan Bera in Down To Earth reveals how Odisha government is trying to acquire land on a shoddily drawn compensation package.

Darjeeling tea makes its mark world over, but back home it brews suspicion between planters and workers finds Down To Earth.

Read this special report by Down To Earth on the iconic Paan losing its appeal. Its trade has dipped 40-50 per cent in the past decade, while consumption of chewing tobacco, especially gutkha, increased during the period. Farmers now prefer other crops.

Chunks of Intanki National Park in Nagaland are sold for Rs 2,500 a hectare as the forest department looks on. Read this Down To Earth Report on  encroachers’ settlements in this national park.

While several cities across the world have revived their tramways, Kolkata naively ignored its tramways and witnesses the last days of this non-polluting and once-efficient mode of transport. Read this special report in Down To Earth.

Kolkata witnesses the last days of a non-polluting and once-efficient mode of transport, while trams make a comeback in cities around the world.