The Delhi government has revived a proposal to ply trams in the Walled City . It has also decided to develop the Shahjahanabad area while keeping its character intact.

Having seen the Metro in Delhi and Kolkata, the urban rail network in Mumbai and Chennai, the Bangalorean had always wondered why the City's existing railway llines weren't put to better use. After all, Bangalore had about a dozen railway stations criss-crossing the City...

French Transport Minister Dominique Bussereau called on Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in her office here on Wednesday and expressed his country's keenness to establish technical cooperation and collaboration with Delhi in various fields. Pointing out that tramways have been successful in various French cities, Mr. Bussereau offered possible funding assistance to undertake a detailed survey and study for commissioning of tramways in Delhi, which he said would go a long way in making the public transport system here more reliable.

The chaotic Bus Rapid Transport System (BRT) is inviting much international attention with the French government now pitching to help the city cope with its transport crisis. Though the Delhi government has politely turned down the French offer to solve the BRT blues, it showed interest in a detailed survey and study for commissioning tramways in the city.

While several cities across the world have revived their tramways, Kolkata naively ignored its tramways and witnesses the last days of this non-polluting and once-efficient mode of transport. Read this special report in Down To Earth.

Kolkata witnesses the last days of a non-polluting and once-efficient mode of transport, while trams make a comeback in cities around the world.