Cities across the globe are looking to develop affordable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible transportation solutions that can meet the accessibility needs of expanding metropolitan populations and support future economic and urban development.

Rail passengers, who have not experienced much of a fare hike in the past eight years, will be in for a shock when they buy ticket for journeys with effect from April 1, much as the Trinamool Congress has raised the red flag against its own Minister on the issue.

The “rationalisation” of fare is harsh on the short-distance traveller who will have to bear up to a 150 per cent increase, while the higher class passengers will be burdened with a hike by about 30 per cent.

Stung by strict conditions laid down by bank on rehabilitating project-affected people, govt decides to opt for loan from Indian Railway Finance Corp In a move that it says has been prompted by the strict conditionalities laid down by the World Bank (WB) on rehabilitation issues, the state government and Railways may not seek a loan from the bank for the component of the proposed Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP) II that seeks to lay additional railway lines and involves rehabilitation of project-affected people.