Cities across the globe are looking to develop affordable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible transportation solutions that can meet the accessibility needs of expanding metropolitan populations and support future economic and urban development.

This working paper provides a bottom-up estimate of energy use and GHG emissions for the transport sector based on data available at the city and municipal levels. For urban transport in China, GHG emissions primarily consist of carbon dioxide (CO2), so these terms are used interchangeably.

This report briefly summarizes the information related to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) developments in China collected through independent research and a visit to China from April 17-26, 2006 as part of FTA Public Transportation Trade Mission. The purpose of NBRTI's participation in the mission was to visit operational BRT systems and to meet with organizations engaged in BRT planning or operations in China. By establishing initial contact with such organizations, a channel of communications has been opened to exchange information and allow for future cooperation on common problems or programs.