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• A grant of US $172,000 for cataract research has been extended by the US-based National Eye Institute to an Indian research group consisting of D Balasubramaniam and Mohan Rao of the Centre

Are the new ISRO 14000 environment standards industry"s gift to a polluted globe, or merely the developed world"s competition killing strategy

Indian scientists have developed synthetic granite tiles that compare well with the natural stuff

• A Rs 700 crore National Fund for Calamity Relief (NFCR) has been set up by the Centre to provide immediate assistance to states during floods, cyclones, drought and earthquakes. •

Coriander, used only for culinary purposes till recently, can now be used as a source of industrial nylon. Scientists of the John Innes Institute in Norwich, United Kingdom, have found out that

"Europeans Against Superphenix", a 888-based group which has been organising protests against the Superphenix fast breeder reactor near France's border with Switzerland, has now launched a campaign,

PLANET Earth would have been an utterly lifeless blob of space debris if it hadn"t been for the water that covers 70 per cent of its surface. But for reasons that have to do with both corporate human greed and amazing myopia, the vanguard of "modern" civi

INDUSTRIAL pollution in Peru's Paracas reserve area is leaving beaches littered with thousands of fish rotting under clouds of flies. Under threat is the country's major national sanctuary --

The closure of 25 polluting units in Gujarat on the orders of the High Court in early May and its subsequent fallout has caught the state government on the wrong foot. The 50-page order castigated

How industry can help in environment protection