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Nearly a decade after N C Mehta filed a public interest petition for the closure of industrial units in Agra, whose atmospheric pollutants he alleged were damaging the Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court

Indian industrialists and scientists want the country"s property rights to be "strengthened", but the powerful drugs industry wants to maintain the status quo

Films on successful technological projects and innovative government schemes have failed simply because there has been no effort to show them to target groups

An Israeli mathematician offers proof of how ants, without a bird's eye view of their terrain, are still able to follow a straight route to food

BBC's film on chlorine is more successful in underlining the vital role it plays in daily life, rather than in detailing why it should be banned

A microchip developed by a US firm will greatly increase the working speed of personal computers. But the chip's long term success will depend on reducing its high power consumption

WITH TOBACCO generating nearly $196 million annually just for fourth-ranked Virginia, the effect of smoking on lungs abroad is best ignored. Thousands of jobs in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky

BASED on a study by a Dutch academic, this book attempts to analyse variations in female employment by examining a cross-section of different forms of production and estimating their impact on

THOUGH one dislikes pessimists who seem to have given up on our collective ability to put development onto a genuinely sustainable path, the fact remains they have enough evidence to demonstrate

Two projects are under way to detect an elusive phenomenon that are thought to be produced by violent events in outer space