The government of Odisha has approved the Biotechnology Policy 2024 to create a flourishing ecosystem for the biotech industry.

Biotechnology is the most contemporary science and technology of research and development that has made significant progress.

Seed companies rally behind MNC’s move to pull out weed killing technology

To regulate the bilateral agreement between seed technology

Rarely does a large multinational company threaten to leave India. But that is exactly what Monsanto, the $40-billion American seed and agrochemical behemoth, did earlier this month.

Rythu Sangam seeks availability of genetically-modified seed at affordable prices

How safe is it to grow genetically modified, or GM, mustard on Indian farms? An answer to that requires a deep understanding of conflicting scientific views.

In a major breakthrough, Hyderabad-based biotechnology research company Bharat Biotech has announced that it has developed the world’s first vaccine for Zika virus.

India's chief scientific adviser has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to decide the fate of the country's first genetically modified (GM) food crop, mustard, and a recent meeting suggests authori

RAJKOT: Is the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) going soft on Hanjar Biotech Energy Pvt Ltd, the company that drew severe flak from the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in Pune, for mishandling soli