Want Central, State agencies to take action to stop cultivation, investigate spread of the illegal variety

Seed companies rally behind MNC’s move to pull out weed killing technology

US seed giant Monsanto has threatened to pull its genetically modified crop technology from India if the government goes ahead with its plan to cut the company's royalty fees.

NAGPUR: Just a few days before five private parties were to go ahead with field trials of genetically modified (GM) rice and chickpea (kabuli chana), the Devendra Fadnavis-led BJP-Shiv Sena governm

Farmers in Gazipur who were given the controversial Bt brinjal saplings have said they would no more cultivate the genetically engineered crop as the cultivation has ruined them.

The Karnataka government has banned Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company (Mahyco) from selling two popular Bt cotton seed varieties in the forthcoming 2014-15 crop year (July-June), following reports of

According to a release here today, crops in seven districts had failed causing huge losses to cotton growers. Following this, affected farmers, who had sown Mahyco’s seeds, complained to the Department of Agriculture and a survey established that crops had failed owing to the substandard quality of seeds of the Maharashtra-based seed company.

Encouraged by the government’s recent decision to re-allow field trials of 200 transgenic varieties of genetically modified (GM) seeds, biotechnology companies have readied big investment plans on

Karnataka state govt blacklists Mahyco and orders ban on its Bt cotton sales.Read the order issued by the Agriculture department, Government of Karnataka on 22 March 2014.

Thirty-five agricultural scientists, most of them associated with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), on Tuesday mooted the continuation of field trials of genetically modified (GM) crops under their guidance, without a no-objection certificate (NoC) from the respective state governments.

“Agriculture is a state subject, and state agricultural universities and agriculture departments of respective states must involve themselves in field trials for GM crops without losing time.