Ahmedabad: The state government has taken a decision to stop distributing Monsanto’s maize seeds called ‘Prabal’ to farmers. The decision was taken in a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Confirming the decision, agriculture minister Dilip Sanghania said, “The government has taken a decision that it will not distribute maize seeds of Monsato to tribals in the state any more. Instead, the government will insist only for seeds certified by Gujarat Agricultural University (GAU). We will give subsidy to the seeds certified by GAU.”

Haiti is all set to start vaccinating one lakh people with an oral cholera vaccine “Sahchol” developed by the Hyderabad-based Shantha Biotechnics. According to a news report in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the first phase of the campaign will be targeting 50,000 people living in Port-au-Prince and will be followed by a further 50,000 in the Artibonite River valley. The vaccination programme became possible with the Haiti's National Ethics Committee approving the oral cholera vaccine.

This paper describes and analyzes a series of complementary policy initiatives in India to adapt and commercialize existing global biotechnologies to meet local needs in healthcare, agriculture, industry and the environment in a more affordable manner.

Protests marked the 10th anniversary of the introduction of genetically modified (GM) Bt cotton in the country. Angry farmers urged parliamentarians to hold a special session to discuss the issue and ban the technology.

Charging a few seed companies, particularly Monsanto, with monopolising the seed industry and setting the agenda for the government, social activists urged policy-makers and farmers to reject the hype around Bt cotton and demanded a comprehensive review.

This report provides snapshots of frontline struggles against Monsanto & other biotech corporations pushing GM crops. It shows that small-holder and organic farmers, local communities and social movements around the world are resisting Monsanto and the agro-industrial model that it represents.

Chennai Bt cotton cultivation has achieved phenomenal success in transforming the cotton crop into the most productive and profitable crop in 10 years.

While biotech and pharma are referred to as sunrise sectors, a new study reveals only an insignificant amount of innovative, patentable work has been carried out so far as part of the outsourcing p

The United States remained the primary backer of biotech crop technology in 2011, but adoption spread internationally as the total global planted area of genetically modified seeds grew 8 percent f

Brussels BASF, the German chemical group, has abandoned efforts to sell genetically modified products in Europe, including its Amflora potato, because of overwhelming opposition to the technology,

Europe's biotechnology industry has warned the European Commission that agricultural imports vital to EU food security are increasingly being put at risk, due to the slow pace of the bloc's approva