Since its establishment in February 2003 the Uttarakhand Bio Technology Department has undertaken different works for facilitating conservation of the State’s ecology, environment and rich bio-dive

Biotech firms object to states getting a say in approving GM crop trials.

The biotechnology industry has had its share of woes, but so far 'patent trolls' have not numbered among them. These companies, which profit by legally enforcing patents they own rather than developing products, may benefit from a 31 August ruling at a US federal court of appeal in Washington DC.

The Uttarakhand biotechnology department has decided to set up a biotech park in the hill state in order to promote industries based on the technology.

In a closely watched case, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday that genes can be patented, overturning a lower court decision that had shocked the biotechnology industry.

Since the late 1980s, technological advances and policy reforms have opened up new opportunities for growth in India’s seed and agricultural biotechnology industries.

Massive subsidy for Monsanto's hybrid maize seed
The Shivraj Singh Chauhan government recently formed a separate

Trial plans for biotech version of crops like rice, cotton, corn, castor, sorghum and potato could be delayed since a crucial meeting of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) was postponed by a month from scheduled date of June 8.

The meeting was expected to discuss permission of field trials and research for some biotech crops during the coming kharif season.

Biotech industry re