When Ebola broke out in West Africa in December 2013, triggering the largest-ever epidemic of the disease, there was no vaccine or drug that had been shown to be safe and effective in people. Just 20 months later, a vaccine seems to confer total protection against infection, according to the preliminary results of a trial in Guinea.

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One of the most devastating consequences of the Ebola outbreak will be its impact on maternal health.

Critics question ethics of allowing pregnant women to receive treatment that falls below the standard in their country.

As researchers find more uses for data, informed consent has become a source of confusion. Something has to change.

The biotechnology industry has had its share of woes, but so far 'patent trolls' have not numbered among them. These companies, which profit by legally enforcing patents they own rather than developing products, may benefit from a 31 August ruling at a US federal court of appeal in Washington DC.

Treating HIV infection aggressively before symptoms appear could help to control the spread of the disease, according to data presented at a retroviral conference. Independent studies in Canada, the United States and Africa support the strategy in both the developed and developing world.