Manufacturing base of electronics products in the country is grossly inadequate in comparison to demand of such goods. Even in cases where products are manufactured in India, the extent of domestic value addition is low.

This book aims to give policy makers an overview of the evolution of science, technology and innovation (STI) policies in a selected number of East Asian countries. China, Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore have transformed their economies and societies in recent decades.

While we really have no shortage of women learning science and excelling therein as well as in teaching science, their involvement in ‘doing’ science, in leading and directing scientific investigations is not commensurate with those who train in science. While the small fraction of women in the scientific work force is a reality the world over, the situation in India differs from the West in some respects. In India, the matter of real concern is the precipitous loss in ‘trained scientific women power’ at the postdoctoral level. (Editorial)

The world is facing an array of new challenges that call for new ways of thinking to craft effective solutions that are to the benefit of all. In a world of increasing limits, we must nurture our greatest renewable energy – this is ingenuity and creativity.

A vast majority of studies assessing the impact of R&D tax incentives provided across the world conclude that such tax incentives spur investments. However, in India only a limited number of fi rms, especially small and medium ones, have actually been taking advantage of the state’s fi scal generosity.

It was the result that most scientists didn’t want. The United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union has plunged it into political and economic uncertainty — and left researchers worried over the future of their funding and collaborations, the UK’s participation in major European research programmes, and the freedom of movement and employment status of thousands of scientists.

A UK debate over whether to leave the European Union (EU) is drawing in academics from across the continent. Millions in research funding, collaborations and the employment status of thousands of scientists could be affected by the outcome. The UK government has committed to holding a referendum on a Brexit — as the possible British exit has been dubbed — by the end of 2017.

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This report presents the conclusions of the independent expert group on the 'Follow-up to Rio+20, notably the sustainable development goals (SDGs)' that was established by the European Commission (EC) to provide advice on the role of science, technology and innovation (STI) for implementing the new global sustainable development agenda (2030 Age

Ten Indian research leaders give their prescriptions, from better funding, facilities, mentoring and education to greater respect, fairness, autonomy and confidence.

K. Vijay Raghavan is determined to cut through red tape and build up biological science in India.