Priorities for science in India

Ten Indian research leaders give their prescriptions, from better funding, facilities, mentoring and education to greater respect, fairness, autonomy and confidence.

  1. Sunita Narain: Manage waste frugally
  2. Hiriyakkanavar Ila: Support the bulk of students
  3. Yamuna Krishnan: Crack the cliques, enable visionaries
  4. Joyashree Roy: Train more energy economists
  5. Raghavendra Gadagkar: Solve local problems
  6. Vinod Singh: Improve tertiary education
  7. Umesh Varshney: Make science an attractive career
  8. Krishna N. Ganesh: Connect research with education
  9. Pradeep P. Mujumdar: Share data on water resources
  10. Naba K. Mondal: Build big physics facilities

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