Dating back to 1250 AD, kadatas or kaditas are a rich resource on medieval and early modern Karnataka. Kept by village accountants and Mysore's mercantile community, they contain records of transactions between landowners and cultivators, sometimes a Mutt and its devotees. Most are in Kannada, but some have been found in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Sanskrit, though they too are written in the Kannada script

The launch of Palm Lahar soft drink could have gone unnoticed as just another cola launch, had it not been for the owner of the brand. Unbelievable as it may sound, it's the tourism-minded government of Kerala.

With a view of reducing consumption of electricity as well as the global warming, Mysore Palace Board has decided to replace 635 Sodium Vapour and other electric lamps with LED lamps at an estimated cost of ` 77 lakh.

This would conserve as many as 20,000 units of power per month as well as save ` 1.5 lakh which otherwise would have been spent on monthly electricity bill.

This was decided at