Pesticide industry body loses defamation case against CSE, twice. The Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI), a pesticide industry body, has twice lost the defamation case it filed against Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi. CCFI had been pursuing the case against a study done by CSE highlighting the endosulfan poisoning of residents of Padre village in Kasaragod district, Kerala.

As India holds on to endosulfan ban and the Union environment ministry proposes an expert committee to study its ill-effects, read this background note by CSE about global and Indian evidence on its toxicity and dangers to human health.


The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) released the shocking results of its laboratory analysis on samples brought from Padre village of Enmakaje Gram Panchayat in Kasaragod district, Kerala, where a lot of unusual diseases related to the central nervous system have been reported, especially among children.